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Quick Money Cash Flow System

In business management circles, it defines a process where you set up the systems, or the fruit bowl, and then let the people, or the fruit itself, do whatever they will within the boundaries of the fruit bowl. You leave the people alone, and when change is required within the business, you simply work on changing the bowl, not the fruit.

For a successful Internet business, that same principle should be applied. You set up the systems, or in other words the automation of the business, like websites, auto-responders, FAQ’s, etc, then let your customers and even staff members if required, work within the boundaries of that system. And as stated, your only job then is to tweak the systems to a level where you are happy with the income it is providing for you. You can then walk away from it and let it run itself.

You don’t want to be tied to your business. Your goal in starting any business should be to set up the cash flow systems, and the ultimate litmus test of the success of this process should be that you can go on holidays for 3-4 weeks, and come back and the business is making more money, and turning over more sales than before you left it.

Now I know most people know this intuitively, or they have a goal of reaching this level in their business, or god forbid, they actually went into business for themselves because they needed a job, and therefore have to keep on working at it. However, few know how to implement the correct strategies tools to get to this level. And you’d be surprised at how easy the Internet really has made this.

For example, take the humble autoresponder. Here’s a piece of software that basically sends out emails to your businesses prospects on a regular basis until they purchase. Then you can set it up to then send out another after sales series to keep the clients informed, or even to sell them on an additional product or service your business provides. The possibilities are endless. You could even send out a whole education package via email, one subject at a time, over a period of time to your clients.

Have you had to write each email and send them? Yes, ONCE! Then the software takes over. As soon as someone expresses interest in your product/service, the autoresponder takes over and gives them your words until they buy. Every Internet marketer out there knows about this, but many don’t use it to its full potential. I’m just including it here as an example of one of the many ways to automate your online business and set up the fruit bowl so you can have more free time to enjoy the cash flow.

Other examples of business automation and ‘fruit bowls’ are online credit card processing systems, the humble sales page website itself, and on a simple level a Frequently Asked Questions page. Anything that is set and forget in its nature and where no input is required from you will help you enjoy your business rather than you being tied to it.