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Cash You Never Pay Back

There is free government grant money that individuals can claim, but the majority of the $80 billion in grant funds are not for your personal use, so to speak. These funds are mostly available for small business owners, college students and for community development. If you are starting a business or thinking about going back to school, then you may be in luck. Otherwise you might have a bit of a harder time finding what you are looking for.

There are a variety of grant programs provided by the government and private foundations. This includes grant for veterans, grant money to help pay medical bills, grants for housing and transportation, and even grants for minorities and single mothers. While these funds exist, they are not the majority. You’ll have to do a little digging through current grant directories to find these funds.

Once you find the programs that can help you with your personal needs, you’ll soon realize that it may have been time well spent. Typically applying for a grant does not require a credit check, down payment or collateral. That’s because the money that is awarded is provided tax free and with no repayment necessary. That’s why so many people hire professional grant writers to help them claim as much money as possible. The cash never has to be paid back.