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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Tricks Apply for Bank Savings Account

Bank savings accounts or deposits accounts are considered assets. Thus, regulation in processing application for bank savings accounts are in place to assure proper handling of the money.

To apply for bank savings account, you will need the money for your deposit, aside from this you will also need to submit the following:

1. Two passport size photographs for each of the individuals applying for bank savings account.

2. Completely filled up and signed application form for bank savings account.

3. Proof of identification such as passport or postal identification.

4. Your social security number is also a requirement.

A single individual, joint savings account or even a corporate savings account may apply for bank savings accounts. All the individual who will access the bank savings account may need to submit all of the above requirements.

As mentioned earlier, you may withdraw or use the money or parts of it when you need to. To avoid problems including illegal transactions, you will need to present your passbook upon withdrawal.

Taking care of your passbook will ensure that no one will be able to access your money without your express approval.

Aside from submitting your passbook upon withdrawal you may also need to present identification, the bank officers will verify your data and the signatures in the withdrawal form. This is a ceremonial procedure, which should not be bypassed.

Proper management of your bank savings account will ensure that the money you are keeping for the future will be kept safely and use of the fund will be managed in such a way that you will be able to make use of it only when it is necessary.

Keeping your money in a bank savings account will reduce the risk of spending in your heart’s desire. This will ensure that your bank savings account will be helpful in securing the future of your family.

Sending Money Online

Sending money online could be done from another country or just down the road. Sending money online could be to family or friends that are on vacation in another country or to family members that live in another country. Sometimes an emergency comes up and money needs to be given or lent to others. Using this service is a way to accomplish this goal. Whatever the customer needs it can be provided with many options to choose to use. Deciding to one of these options is even considered cheaper that using other ways to send money, such as checks or money orders. Using a bank to send money online is popular because customers feel safe, especially using their own bank. They already have a relationship with the bank. Therefore, they feel their checking account, personal information, credit card number or any other information will be safe.

An added benefit to using a personal bank is the fees are often either discounted or waived. They only thing needed is for the customer to bank with them such as having a savings or checking account or both. Often using these services allows money to be received the same day, especially to locations that frequently receive money transfers online, such as El Salvador. Other locations might not receive the transaction until the next day such as in China, India and the Philippines.

Money is transferred from one bank account to another or from a credit card to a bank account. Another option is transferring money for a bank account to a special card or from a credit card to a special reloadable card. This can also be done with a debit card. It often can either be done online or over the phone. Just remember there can be fees when using banks, which are worth it if this is not a frequently used service. Otherwise, it can get expensive.

Desperate For Money

When you find yourself in a desperate position you may be asking yourself how your going to get out of this one. With the small shrapnel of ambition left in you, you decide that you’ve had enough of just getting by, pay check to pay check and need some sort of security, or maybe your past that and are in a position of needing money fast, possibly to pay the electric bill before they cut it off and all the food you were able to buy goes bad putting you in a really bad spot. If your in this spot and resonate to what I’m saying, you should know that you are by no means alone in your pain. Many millions of others are in the same boat and are also wondering how they can generate some quick and hopefully life changing stabilizing consistent money (cash flow).

One thing that you should think about is that what has made many millionaires the world over is the ability to look past their circumstances, rather to separate themselves from the emotion of it and to see that if they are experiencing this then many others may be too. In realizing this you have the makings of opportunity to generate a product that would help people to work through it.

You can generate money offering people solutions to the many problems that people in your position face! One guy made a book that showed people how to be wealthy on minimum wage, including all sorts of brilliant insights like how to save money instead of worrying about generating more. Many Americans for example waste a lot of money simply because they don’t take the initiative to price shop, or to use the last of their toothpaste before buying another tube.

These things may seem trivial but you could put them all together into a book and theme it then create a website to sell them. You will make your quick money and help people get through the crisis! You can even teach them how to do exactly what your doing!

Another way to go is to start looking for those survey sites that will pay you to fill out surveys, this is a great way to get quick money doing a very easy all be it time consuming job of simply giving your opinion!

Truth Behind Banking System

A fiat currency is one that has no basis of value except by the good faith in the government to pay its debts. It means that if more money is needed in the economy, the bank simply creates it. This central bank could also then take control of all the reserves of all banks to protect the more wreck less banks from runs at the cost of the conservative ones, and get access to taxpayer money when the bank is in trouble. All the while, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was sold as a law that would protect the public. In terms of stabilizing the economy, the Federal Reserve Bank has failed miserably. In terms of reaching its true and hidden goals, it has been extremely successful.

People believe that the financial crisis is somewhat of a mystery. But every financial crisis we have had since the Federal Reserve Banking System has been in place has been related to debt. Under the current system, debt is used to create new money or to shrink the supply of money (by paying debt off) to attempt to control the economy, and allegedly stabilize it. In reality, since the loans were made with money created from nothing, the bank loses very little money. It is money that it never had in the first place. Technically, a retail bank with too many bad loans becomes insolvent, so the game is to roll bad loans over into larger ones and creates more money and gives the borrowers more money to continue to make the interest payments. There is also insurance that backs loans, so the government will pay for bad loans with taxpayer money. The Federal Reserve Bank has convinced the government that allowing big banks to fail would create great hardship in the economy, however, it is the massive creation of debt that fuels this system that causes the great hardship when the final cost of bailouts is passed to the public in the form of inflation due to an excess supply of money created by excessive lending to cover bad loans.

There is a rich history of how the banking bailout system has spread throughout the world and has been leading us to larger and larger central banks such as the Federal Reserve Bank. Each failed central bank must be bailed out when it fails due to the over use of debt to manage the currency. It is destined to happen to the Federal Reserve Bank if something isn’t done to correct our current course. When our central bank fails, individuals do best to protect themselves by owning hard assets that go up in price with inflation, so that the buying power of that wealth can be preserved. This is important to keep in mind as we watch how the “Lending Crisis of 2008” unfolds into the eventual cyclical recovery. Will our currency survive for another cycle? If so, we may only be one more step away from a new currency to start the cycle of inflation all over again. Will the Federal Reserve Bank survive? Will it expand, or will it be absorbed by another central bank?