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Tricks Apply for Bank Savings Account

Bank savings accounts or deposits accounts are considered assets. Thus, regulation in processing application for bank savings accounts are in place to assure proper handling of the money.

To apply for bank savings account, you will need the money for your deposit, aside from this you will also need to submit the following:

1. Two passport size photographs for each of the individuals applying for bank savings account.

2. Completely filled up and signed application form for bank savings account.

3. Proof of identification such as passport or postal identification.

4. Your social security number is also a requirement.

A single individual, joint savings account or even a corporate savings account may apply for bank savings accounts. All the individual who will access the bank savings account may need to submit all of the above requirements.

As mentioned earlier, you may withdraw or use the money or parts of it when you need to. To avoid problems including illegal transactions, you will need to present your passbook upon withdrawal.

Taking care of your passbook will ensure that no one will be able to access your money without your express approval.

Aside from submitting your passbook upon withdrawal you may also need to present identification, the bank officers will verify your data and the signatures in the withdrawal form. This is a ceremonial procedure, which should not be bypassed.

Proper management of your bank savings account will ensure that the money you are keeping for the future will be kept safely and use of the fund will be managed in such a way that you will be able to make use of it only when it is necessary.

Keeping your money in a bank savings account will reduce the risk of spending in your heart’s desire. This will ensure that your bank savings account will be helpful in securing the future of your family.

Sending Money Online

Sending money online could be done from another country or just down the road. Sending money online could be to family or friends that are on vacation in another country or to family members that live in another country. Sometimes an emergency comes up and money needs to be given or lent to others. Using this service is a way to accomplish this goal. Whatever the customer needs it can be provided with many options to choose to use. Deciding to one of these options is even considered cheaper that using other ways to send money, such as checks or money orders. Using a bank to send money online is popular because customers feel safe, especially using their own bank. They already have a relationship with the bank. Therefore, they feel their checking account, personal information, credit card number or any other information will be safe.

An added benefit to using a personal bank is the fees are often either discounted or waived. They only thing needed is for the customer to bank with them such as having a savings or checking account or both. Often using these services allows money to be received the same day, especially to locations that frequently receive money transfers online, such as El Salvador. Other locations might not receive the transaction until the next day such as in China, India and the Philippines.

Money is transferred from one bank account to another or from a credit card to a bank account. Another option is transferring money for a bank account to a special card or from a credit card to a special reloadable card. This can also be done with a debit card. It often can either be done online or over the phone. Just remember there can be fees when using banks, which are worth it if this is not a frequently used service. Otherwise, it can get expensive.

Desperate For Money

When you find yourself in a desperate position you may be asking yourself how your going to get out of this one. With the small shrapnel of ambition left in you, you decide that you’ve had enough of just getting by, pay check to pay check and need some sort of security, or maybe your past that and are in a position of needing money fast, possibly to pay the electric bill before they cut it off and all the food you were able to buy goes bad putting you in a really bad spot. If your in this spot and resonate to what I’m saying, you should know that you are by no means alone in your pain. Many millions of others are in the same boat and are also wondering how they can generate some quick and hopefully life changing stabilizing consistent money (cash flow).

One thing that you should think about is that what has made many millionaires the world over is the ability to look past their circumstances, rather to separate themselves from the emotion of it and to see that if they are experiencing this then many others may be too. In realizing this you have the makings of opportunity to generate a product that would help people to work through it.

You can generate money offering people solutions to the many problems that people in your position face! One guy made a book that showed people how to be wealthy on minimum wage, including all sorts of brilliant insights like how to save money instead of worrying about generating more. Many Americans for example waste a lot of money simply because they don’t take the initiative to price shop, or to use the last of their toothpaste before buying another tube.

These things may seem trivial but you could put them all together into a book and theme it then create a website to sell them. You will make your quick money and help people get through the crisis! You can even teach them how to do exactly what your doing!

Another way to go is to start looking for those survey sites that will pay you to fill out surveys, this is a great way to get quick money doing a very easy all be it time consuming job of simply giving your opinion!

Truth Behind Banking System

A fiat currency is one that has no basis of value except by the good faith in the government to pay its debts. It means that if more money is needed in the economy, the bank simply creates it. This central bank could also then take control of all the reserves of all banks to protect the more wreck less banks from runs at the cost of the conservative ones, and get access to taxpayer money when the bank is in trouble. All the while, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was sold as a law that would protect the public. In terms of stabilizing the economy, the Federal Reserve Bank has failed miserably. In terms of reaching its true and hidden goals, it has been extremely successful.

People believe that the financial crisis is somewhat of a mystery. But every financial crisis we have had since the Federal Reserve Banking System has been in place has been related to debt. Under the current system, debt is used to create new money or to shrink the supply of money (by paying debt off) to attempt to control the economy, and allegedly stabilize it. In reality, since the loans were made with money created from nothing, the bank loses very little money. It is money that it never had in the first place. Technically, a retail bank with too many bad loans becomes insolvent, so the game is to roll bad loans over into larger ones and creates more money and gives the borrowers more money to continue to make the interest payments. There is also insurance that backs loans, so the government will pay for bad loans with taxpayer money. The Federal Reserve Bank has convinced the government that allowing big banks to fail would create great hardship in the economy, however, it is the massive creation of debt that fuels this system that causes the great hardship when the final cost of bailouts is passed to the public in the form of inflation due to an excess supply of money created by excessive lending to cover bad loans.

There is a rich history of how the banking bailout system has spread throughout the world and has been leading us to larger and larger central banks such as the Federal Reserve Bank. Each failed central bank must be bailed out when it fails due to the over use of debt to manage the currency. It is destined to happen to the Federal Reserve Bank if something isn’t done to correct our current course. When our central bank fails, individuals do best to protect themselves by owning hard assets that go up in price with inflation, so that the buying power of that wealth can be preserved. This is important to keep in mind as we watch how the “Lending Crisis of 2008” unfolds into the eventual cyclical recovery. Will our currency survive for another cycle? If so, we may only be one more step away from a new currency to start the cycle of inflation all over again. Will the Federal Reserve Bank survive? Will it expand, or will it be absorbed by another central bank?

Info of Cash Loans

Often, however, striking a balance between present needs and future plans can be difficult. You may wish to pursue your education for the sake of your career but your present finances do not warrant it. Basically, you are caught between the deep blue sea of career advancement and the devil of finances! So, what are you to do?

Well, find cash sources, of course! It will be such a waste to say goodbye to your online education especially when you are more than halfway to finishing it. But where particularly when banks are stricter in granting loans to working students and when employers are hard-pressed to grant employee cash loans?

Luckily for you, there are lending companies that offer cash loans for people like you! Now, you can finance your present educational needs to fulfill your future plans, thanks in part to well-timed cash loans. And so, your dreams shall take shape.

However, even with your cash loans to pay for your online education’s tuition fees, you still have to spend for school expenses like your Internet connection, recommended books and software, and electricity costs. Don’t despair as there are ways to maximize your money, cash loans included, by cutting down on your educational costs. Without sacrificing the quality of your education, of course!

First, ask your professors for free downloads of their student materials. Since most professors write their own teaching handbooks, students can download them for free. This way, you can save money for other purposes.

Second, if traditional books are recommended, don’t immediately purchase from the first bookstore you visit that sells the tome. Instead, use the Internet to your advantage by checking auction sites for good quality second-hand books. You will be surprised how many other former students sell their used books online to recoup their investments.

Third, turn off the electricity as soon as you finish your classes and/or research activities. Every little helps even if it involves saving a few kilowatt hours per month on computer consumption.

Fourth, pay your payday loans on time. The longer you delay paying them, the higher your total costs will be due to the accumulated interests on the principal. Otherwise, you might just be shocked to discover that you paid more than you bargained for!

Cash Management

Once you have this knowledge, you can start to work on trimming expenses, erasing all unnecessary costs, and removing as many monthly bills as possible. This takes sacrifice, dedication, and honesty. Most of us can live without a cable bill and definitely could use that extra money. Yet how many do? For the individual truly motivated to take action and learn how to make more money then these simple sacrifices aren’t too much to ask at all. After all, it is only temporary.

The first big question you have to ask yourself is, what is it I want most? If money is your honest answer, than the next question to ask is, what can I live without? Do I really need the latest greatest smart-phone and data plan? Do I really need to buy prepared food or could I buy more food and cook it myself at home? Do I really need to buy that twelve pack on Friday and watch cable all weekend?

If money is your true goal, then you will do whatever you can to save your money. If you have been living on a $2,000 per month budget and you can trim off even $300 per month. You will have gained $1,200 per month. Money for saving now and later investing. To speed up the process work as much overtime as possible or take on a second job on the weekends or after work part-time. Remember, the money you trim only increases your hourly wage essentially.

Start adding OT and you’re well on your way to making enough cash to invest in any venture you want. Or getting out of debt if that is your goal. Take one year and cut out everything you can. If you can ride a bike to work sell your car along with anything you don’t need. Work as much as you can and stop paying for anything you don’t need. Set a goal such as making $10,000 as fast as possible doing only what’s outlined in this article and putting it in a savings account. It takes getting used to but is worth it when you start gaining thousands. It is easier than most people realize.

Ideas to Save Money

Making a monthly financial plan with regard to spending money and adhering to the plan will help you save money. Plan how much you need to spend for different expense categories. Some expenses cannot be avoided to help you save. While making an expense plan you will find that many monthly expenses can be avoided to increase your saving in a month. Subscription expenses, entertainment expenses and hobby expenses can be avoided or substantially reduced to help you save money. If you have money for additional savings at the end of the month, your financial plan is successful and you can add more money to your savings account besides the fixed sum allocated for savings at the beginning of each month.

Telecommunications and entertainment come with many choices to help you save money. Using mobile phones rather than landlines give you greater controls on telecommunications spending and help you save money. Viewing movies or the news on the internet rather than by subscribing to the more expensive cable television or movie rentals are some of the many ideas on how to save money.

Credit card fees and expenses often result in high bills and you may be tempted to withdraw money from the savings account. Limiting credit card expenses and using one low cost credit card when absolutely necessary will help you save money. Cash transactions are easier to keep track of when spending money on grocery and meeting other daily expenses.

Shopping is one of the many ideas on how to save money. Though this may seem like a contradiction in terms, shopping among the many options available will help you stay within a budget. Shopping does not mean making the cheapest choice available but making the best affordable choice. Cheap and substandard groceries or pet food will result in high medical expenses. Shopping and saving money involves making careful choices among affordable products and services.

Money and Inflation

Inflation is crafty in his theft. He doesn’t take all the power of your money at once; he bleeds it slowly and steadily, counting on a general naiveté of money, banking, and financial markets to prevent the call for his head. Inflation hides his theft in a snowstorm of official-looking reports and statistics.

Inflation is egalitarian in his theft. Whether a man has 10 dollars or 10 million dollars, he’ll take six cents out of each dollar this year. He taxes each man in direct proportion to the amount of money he holds.

In distributing that money, however, inflation is the lowest type of thief. He takes the 60 cents from the poor man and the 600,000 dollars from the rich man and gives it all to the rich man less a few pennies for administrative expenses. Even when the rich man pays the wages of the poor man, inflation has again stolen a little of its value by the time poor man gets his hands on it.

Who is inflation and where did he come from? In times gone by, inflation was born on a printing press and in the counting houses of kings. Today, with just a stroke of a pen and the clicking of a computer keyboard in a central bank he springs to life.

In simplest terms, inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. In more technical terms, inflation is the result of a total money supply that has become undocked from the total goods and services produced. He owes his entire existence to money masters who have convinced themselves that the process of moving money from hand to hand and around the world is too messy to happen without their meddling.

Who are these money masters? They are lonely, twisted practitioners of the dismal science of economics, confident in their ability to succeed in a task which is beyond the capability of any group of men. With religious fervor they hold tight to their beliefs despite thousands of years of failure, and each quarter proudly proclaim, “this time, we got it right.”

But, it is only by chance that they actually make a correct decision. You see, to truly succeed, they must divine what every man, woman, child, business, corporation, investor, fund, speculator, government, nation, group, and natural force will do today, tomorrow, next week, and on into the future. By its very definition this is an impossible task, but prognostication is only part of the job.

Once the money masters compile their assumptions about assumptions, they must attempt to guide their ship down a narrow channel bounded on one side by confidence in the money they create and destroy, and on the other side by investments they have made in the infamously ravenous governments of the world. Any errors in navigation will take months to detect and years to correct.

If the money masters of the central bank create money faster than the rate of growth of domestic production, prices for goods and services will rise and that money will flow to other nations to buy their less expensive goods. Deluged with a surplus of that currency, foreign monetary exchanges discount it, which inflates the prices of foreign goods in terms of that currency.

You must Use Online Banking

1. The ultimate in convenience: When you use online banking you can conduct your transactions from the comfort and privacy of your own home, so you won’t have to worry about going out to your local branch, spending time queuing up, and trying to fit your banking commitments into your busy day, which can be particularly difficult for those that work full time.

2. No time constraints: With regular banking you are restricted in terms of when you can contact or call in to the bank in order to conduct transactions, and this can prove difficult for those with busy lifestyles and full time jobs. However, when you opt for online banking you can conduct transactions at any time of the day or night, which means that you can effectively manage your account around the clock.

3. Do everything you need to online: You will find that you are able to conduct pretty much any banking transaction that you can perform by phone or visit to your branch by going online, other than withdrawing and depositing cash. This means that you can effectively control your finances from the privacy of your own home.

4. Increased security: Banks now use very secure software to ensure the safety and security of customers, making it safer than ever to bank online. Just remember never to link to your bank account from an email link, as this could be a false link, and do not save your banking passwords and security details on a shared computer that could give others access.

Cash You Never Pay Back

There is free government grant money that individuals can claim, but the majority of the $80 billion in grant funds are not for your personal use, so to speak. These funds are mostly available for small business owners, college students and for community development. If you are starting a business or thinking about going back to school, then you may be in luck. Otherwise you might have a bit of a harder time finding what you are looking for.

There are a variety of grant programs provided by the government and private foundations. This includes grant for veterans, grant money to help pay medical bills, grants for housing and transportation, and even grants for minorities and single mothers. While these funds exist, they are not the majority. You’ll have to do a little digging through current grant directories to find these funds.

Once you find the programs that can help you with your personal needs, you’ll soon realize that it may have been time well spent. Typically applying for a grant does not require a credit check, down payment or collateral. That’s because the money that is awarded is provided tax free and with no repayment necessary. That’s why so many people hire professional grant writers to help them claim as much money as possible. The cash never has to be paid back.

Offshore Bank Fails

Offshore Banks – A brief definition of this term is in order. These are banks that are located in various countries around the world many being in Caribbean Island Nations. These banks have a license that enables them to only do business with people and entities (trusts and corporations) that are not from that country. The offshore jurisdiction does not trust the offshore bank to accept deposits from its citizens or corporation filed in that country. This right away should tell a moderately astute investor that he or she is perhaps not exercising the correct amount of caution when it comes to selecting a bank and an offshore jurisdiction. So the first warning sign is be careful of offshore banking licenses. A bank can be in an offshore jurisdiction and not have an offshore banking license, instead be a regularly licensed bank. Offshore bank licenses can be had in some jurisdictions with as little as a $50,000 deposit with the country issuing the license. Usually this amount is never more than $500,000 and many countries require less. As a point of comparison a regular bank operating in Panama is required to post $10,000,000 cash deposit and the owners go through a rigorous background investigation.

Bank Failure – This is a term relating to the offshore bank being unable to fulfill the demand for funds from their depositors. This can occur for a number of reasons, some bad and some not so bad. The offshore bank may have been found to be below its protective ratios and the government bank auditors or financial ministry may decide to shut the bank down in terms of money going out for a limited period of time to see if the bank can return their ratios quickly to an acceptable level. In the event the ratios return to an acceptable level the bank operation resumes normally and the depositors may not even know anything occurred.

Complaints – The way offshore bank failures generally start is with complaints to the licensing authority of the country where the bank is located stating that requests to withdraw funds are not being met by the bank. To document this the account holder generally retains legal counsel in the country where the offshore bank is located and files a formal demand for the funds to bank with a very short deadline. When this demand is not met the law firm will file a formal complaint to the offshore bank licensing authority who will generally conduct an investigation. They may have their own auditors or hire an independent team of auditors to go through the offshore bank records. They will look to see if there are any loans on the books that do not meet the guidelines for lending such as writing uncollateralized loans is usually considered an offense. Loans to the principals of the bank are another red flag. Real estate acquisitions like mansions on the island where the offshore bank is located for the bank executives to live in is another red flag as well. Usually without loans the bank would not fail to meet its ratios. When these loans go bad and there is no collateral to go after then the banks get into trouble. The complaint process is possibly the only way the government is going to know their offshore bank is in trouble and by then it may be too late, but it may not be too late. Remember we are talking about offshore banks here, not regularly licensed regular banks which are audited and watched way more closely by the government and usually by a different government agency than the agency supervising offshore banks. We as a Panama Law firm do not introduce clients to offshore banks which should tell you something.

Places to Save Money


Insurance is also another option to make a saving for your future life. This insurance could assure the existence of your money so it will help you if something bad happens to you. Choosing the right insurance is also consideration you need to do if you wan to take advantage from it.


Bank is the best place you need to choose if you would like to make a bank account that could help you in saving your money. Before making a bank account, you need to choose the right bank for you that are suitable with your needs and your preferences. Checking the reputation of the bank is the right thing to know that it is good choice for you so you will not feel disappointed with the facilities which are given.

If you choose the right bank which is suitable with your qualification, you will feel safe about your money. So, you could take benefit from it. In fact, the rate is not too important aspect in saving the money because the essential is the safety.

Cash to Pay Bills

The availability of free government grant money is nothing new. These programs have been around for a long time, but they were much harder to find and apply for. Because these grant programs are not advertised and there is generally very poor education about their existence, most people did not know how to obtain this money. But now the accessibility that the Internet has provided has allowed grant writing companies to digitize this information and make it readily available.

Now when you join these grant writing programs you can access the database and see the hundreds of grants that you can apply and qualify for. You no longer have to go to City Hall to stand in line and inquire about the free money that is available. A simple click of the mouse will show you the available funding programs, how much is available, and what the eligibility requirements are. Find the grants that will help you pay off your bills and submit your application. As long as you are at least 18 years old you can apply for as many free government grants as you like.

Info of Bank Fraud Defense

Bank fraud includes a variety of criminal activities and the charges that may be made against an individual vary. Making up a false identity may be a successful way of hiding or obtaining money, but it is also easily identified by a bank’s security team. Check fraud, embezzlement of funds, and forging someone else’s signature can lead to bank fraud accusations. Bribing bank employees or others to commit this offenses is a serious form of fraud.

If an individual participates in fraud and is convicted of the offense, they could face harsh consequences. Years of fines or jail time may be given to the offender. However, not all people that are looking at these charges are guilty or deserve the sentences.

If innocent of fraud accusations, a criminal defense attorney can greatly aid in the ability to prove the innocence of an individual. Even if the crime was committed, often times the circumstances can be misread by the courts leading to unfair sentencing.

About Discounted Cash Flow

The purpose of the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method is to find the sum of the future cash flow of the business and discount it back to a present value. I use the F Wall Street method of valuing a business along with some tweaks here and there to suit my tastes.

The advantage of this method is that it requires the investor to think about the stock as a business and analyse its cash flow rather than earnings. The first and foremost reason a business exists is to make money where money = cash, not earnings. Since cash is what a business needs in order to maintain and grow its operations, it’s only right to consider the possibility of its future cash growth rather than earnings growth.

The disadvantage is that a DCF is not suitable for start ups, growth companies or capital intensive companies where the cash flow cannot be accurately determined. The error of prediction and assumptions must also be dealt with in the DCF, which we cover with margin of safety.

I’ll go through the many assumptions to consider with a DCF. (If you are considering using the spreadsheets found on this site, please don’t just follow it blindly.)

Bad Money Chasing

The reasons for the credit crunch, though, are far more numerous just people falling behind on their mortgages. Money is created primarily through the issuance of credit in the forms of mortgages, credit cards, business loans, and so on. Banks are able to create this money out of thin air, based on how much other money they have on deposit which has also been created out of nothing.

As long as loans are being paid back over time, this money creation scheme can continue for long periods of time. But the problem comes in when the principal for loans are created but not the interest. Banks make money from collecting interest, but they only create the principal amount of the loans.

This leaves the entire economy with a vast shortfall between the money created through debt and the money needed to pay back the interest on all of this debt. People who take out loans are forced to compete with each other to obtain as much money as they can in order to pay back the interest on the money they have previously borrowed but which had never been created.

The results of such a system are easy to predict: some homeowners will be able to gather enough money through production and pay off their debts in full. Others, though, may engage in successive cycles of borrowing, refinancing their homes and taking out new loans to pay back old interest but never coming out ahead.

Eventually, some people who borrow money will find that they have not gathered enough of principal money from other borrowers and they will have no choice but to default on their debt. Defaults are eventually written off by banks or the loans are discharged through bankruptcy proceedings, but the debts are eventually destroyed.

Banks, of course, plan for a certain amount of their loans to go bad or their borrowers to fall into bankruptcy. It is a necessary cost of creating principal out of thin air but never issuing enough money for all of the interest to be paid back. These loans, which the bank counts as assets because they were expecting to be paid back, are simply written off and the money is counted as destroyed.

Tricks Protect Money

Negotiate. Call your bank or mortgage company to find out what would happen if the business went under and what are your options. Develop a plan to protect yourself.

Diversify. Make sure your bank is FDIC insured. If not, move your money to a bank that is. If you have more than $100,000 in your bank, split the account into multiple accounts. Open additional accounts at others banks to keep the balance below $100,000.

Plan. Consider buying a safe for your home or apartment and keeping some money in your safe in the event your bank closes and you need to access money quickly.

Protect. Pay bills on time or before time. Don’t wait until the last minute to pay a bill because with this economy you never know what may happen and you increase the chance that you may be charged a late fee.

Deposit. Perform bank transactions early in the morning. This ensures your deposit will be applied the same day. Don’t wait until the last minute to make transactions, this increases the chance that your transaction may not be applied to your account the same day and may cause a check to bounce.

Make Money With Online Bank Accounts

There is very good money to be make with this program, provided you know how to master the AdSense program. If you wish, you can do a search online for Google AdSense information. To master it properly, you need to know about ad positioning, colours etc. So its advised that you study up on this so you can maximise the most out of your Google AdSense bank account.

Another form of income online that most online business people use is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you simply promote and recommend products and services to the market that these products and services based in. That is affiliate marketing in a nut shell. In order for you, the affiliate marketer to receive payment, there has to be a payment service put in place. For many affiliate marketers, there is a common website that they go to in order to find products and services to promote. This website is known as clickbank. Clickbank offers affiliates over 10,000 digital products to promote and sell online. It is very easy to join up. You simply create an account with Clickbank and once that is done you can then access the many products and services that are offered by clickbank in many different categories.

When you sign up for clickbank, you can easily get an affiliate link for any product you wish to promote. You can place the link wherever you wish, whether it is on your website, blog etc. When a visitor views your page and decides to click on your affiliate link in order to buy what you are offering, clickbank can trace your link and is aware that you have made a commission. This is recorded into your clickbank account and you receive a commission for your promoting efforts. Its that simple really!

One final way to make money with an online bank account is perhaps via pay-pal. Lets say you are selling an ebook or some physical product and someone online wishes to buy your product. You can setup a pay-pal bank account so that you can take orders from customers that are interested in buying your product. This is a great way to do business online. Pay-pal is a very reputable company and it is used by many people that do business around the world! Unlike clickbank, where you have to wait a couple of weeks in order to receive payments. With pay-pal you can instantly receive the cash sum amount. So you never have problems with cashflow.

Private Money Cash Outs

1. Disclosure – you must disclose to your private investor where their funds are being placed.This is just a good business practice and required if you want to earn a reputation that will net you seven figures (or more) in private money sums

2. Banks aren’t loaning their hard earned money – they are loaning money created out of thin air by the “money multiplier” effect of fractional deposits (part of Federal Reserve banking), they are loaning shareholder money and they are loaning depositor money. The banks lending decision would be a lot different if their loan approval committee members were loaning their own funds instead of somebody else’s. You cannot think of your private investor and the bank in the same context. One is an institution, the other a person.

Downside protection. Going back to our example, lets say that you weren’t able to sell the house for $180,000. Maybe the appraisal gods didn’t like the house. Who knows.

So you have to sell the house for $160,000. Well, that’s still not bad. $20k profit after paying back the lender. But, we forgot about…ancillary costs of ownership. Holding costs, taxes, etc. It’s never a good idea to run your investment properties close to the “red line.” There is an entire graveyard of investors who over-borrowed with private investor money who are now driving semi-trucks and wondering what hit them.

Raise as much private money as you need (which includes a cushion) but no more than a project can reasonably handle. Better to take that extra $20k and invest it in another property.

Quick Money Cash Flow System

In business management circles, it defines a process where you set up the systems, or the fruit bowl, and then let the people, or the fruit itself, do whatever they will within the boundaries of the fruit bowl. You leave the people alone, and when change is required within the business, you simply work on changing the bowl, not the fruit.

For a successful Internet business, that same principle should be applied. You set up the systems, or in other words the automation of the business, like websites, auto-responders, FAQ’s, etc, then let your customers and even staff members if required, work within the boundaries of that system. And as stated, your only job then is to tweak the systems to a level where you are happy with the income it is providing for you. You can then walk away from it and let it run itself.

You don’t want to be tied to your business. Your goal in starting any business should be to set up the cash flow systems, and the ultimate litmus test of the success of this process should be that you can go on holidays for 3-4 weeks, and come back and the business is making more money, and turning over more sales than before you left it.

Now I know most people know this intuitively, or they have a goal of reaching this level in their business, or god forbid, they actually went into business for themselves because they needed a job, and therefore have to keep on working at it. However, few know how to implement the correct strategies tools to get to this level. And you’d be surprised at how easy the Internet really has made this.

For example, take the humble autoresponder. Here’s a piece of software that basically sends out emails to your businesses prospects on a regular basis until they purchase. Then you can set it up to then send out another after sales series to keep the clients informed, or even to sell them on an additional product or service your business provides. The possibilities are endless. You could even send out a whole education package via email, one subject at a time, over a period of time to your clients.

Have you had to write each email and send them? Yes, ONCE! Then the software takes over. As soon as someone expresses interest in your product/service, the autoresponder takes over and gives them your words until they buy. Every Internet marketer out there knows about this, but many don’t use it to its full potential. I’m just including it here as an example of one of the many ways to automate your online business and set up the fruit bowl so you can have more free time to enjoy the cash flow.

Other examples of business automation and ‘fruit bowls’ are online credit card processing systems, the humble sales page website itself, and on a simple level a Frequently Asked Questions page. Anything that is set and forget in its nature and where no input is required from you will help you enjoy your business rather than you being tied to it.